First Crop

First Crop
6x6 Graphite, Charcoal, Acrylic on Illustration Board

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Jennifer Phillips said...

Rebecca! This is wonderful! So loose and spontaneous!... Congrats on painting out doors! It is so rewarding when nature serves up a plate of "I have to paint that"!

Rebecca said...

Thank you Jennifer. Yes we're somewhat excited about our first venture into gardening, so this painting is more to me than what appears on the surface.

I check on my garden "kiddies" everyday to prune side shoots and damaged leaves, water, and to protect from pests. So with anticipation the color changes have been thrilling, and beautiful at the same time.

It's wonderful to be able to notice and enjoy the simple and sometimes insignificant things - even at the price of strange looks from others. :)

Eve said...

It is beautiful. I love the background you chose. And the greens in the tomato.....

I sometimes think I should try and paint the veggies from my garden. The only drawback is I have no talent. LOL
Okra has the most beautiful flowers. The flowers of veggies rarely get painted and I love them.

M.I.rani said...

yes! i love all paintings here :-)