Pira Esculento

Pira Esculento
12x17 oil on linen

The Pear pieces consist of thin oil washes and are the first paintings completed in this textured style. The transparency of the paint allows one to see the canvas underneath resulting in the appearance of age. This has inspired me to name them in Latin, a language that has survived the passage of time.

Remembering Her

"Remembering Her"
11x14 oil on linen

My Grandmother always had a grouping of small brightly colored pitchers on her window sill. As a child I enjoyed the rich glow they gave in the sun’s light during the day. This tiny cobalt pitcher was my favorite out of all the pitchers in her collection.


" The Study"
14x20 oil on linen

The Afternoon Hour

"The Afternoon Hour"
8x10 oil on linen

One of the difficulties in setting up a still life composed of highly reflective objects is to somehow not appear I the reflection yourself, yet have the best angle of lighting and point of view. This painting is dedicated to my husband’s grandparents, born in England, who after coming to the States returned to serve for many years as missionaries there. I thank God for their example and for allowing me the honor of being in their family.

The Coming of Spring

"The Coming of Spring"
8x10 oil on linen

Spring had just arrived as the once bare branches began to be covered in new growth. This is the red maple that stands in front of the first home that my husband and I have lived in. It symbolizes two wonderful years of marriage and many hopes and prayers for the future.

White Splendor

"White Splendor"
12x16 oil

This painting of some of my Mother’s flowers was completed in my parent’s home in Florida. It is also one of three remaining paintings bearing my maiden name. Some paintings are a struggle all the way through, however others will come together effortlessly. This was one of those paintings that seemed to paint itself from beginning to end and was consequently one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had painting.