New Life Island Auction

Saturday's Silent Auction brought in $2,000 for the camp.
Thank you to all who contributed by way of monetary funds, prayers, and encouragement.

Prints will be available in December.

Read the story behind the paintings, enjoy the detailed progress of each day, and progression photographs of each painting on Rebecca Finch's New Life Island Blog.

Resounding Memories
8 x 10 oil on linen

Distinctive noises resonate around the island creating a host of unique sounds that culminate into one mood characteristic of New Life Island. A calm breeze, rusting of trees, the mesmerizing chirp of birds, pounding thumps during carpetball, laughter, and canoes resting in the water, all echo throughout the island creating the backdrop to an influential memory.Perhaps the most distinct reverb is created by the camp bell that stands in front of the dining hall. This train bell’s once bronze finish has since tarnished to an iconic teal that is known so well by the campers. Its many uses range from the call for meals to the ending signal of a late night game.

Opening Glimpse
11 x 14 oil on linen
Memories from last year’s camp week still linger in the minds and hearts of campers as they make their way past the scenic meandering roads to the island in anticipation of another life changing week. After crossing the causeway, the road winds and finally reveals a look at the camp after a year has passed. As if reuniting with an old friend, a flood of memories and excitement return. At first sight, North 3 can be seen, now called Elk. Past the fence and north cabins, wait another week of unforgettable moments, deep friendships, and direction from God.

The Center of Life
16 x 20 oil on linen
Permanent New Life Island Collection

The most outstanding building on the Island is the newly remodeled dining hall, the central hub around which everything revolves. Inside these doors, meals are prepared and served, spiritually refreshing retreats are conducted, the moose is kissed, and many strange demands are made and carried out as payment for precious mail from home.

Life Change
11 x 14 oil on linen

This particular cabin known as South 3 has housed many years worth of changed lives. Excited youth, brokenhearted teens, tenderhearted God followers, kids from broken homes and impossible situations have all slept under its roof. Here, decisions were made to turn away from sin, defy peer pressure, lean on the Lord for strength, follow Him into ministry, and to become camp counselors themselves. Soon, a new cabin will be built in South 3’s place.

Bridge of Remembrance

11 x 14 oil on linen


Judi Jobson loved camp. She especially loved the time she spent at New Life Island. This bridge, which was built as a testament to this young camper, now stands as an ever-present reminder of the uncertainty of life and of the Savior who spans the gap between sinful man and a Holy God.

Never Alone
11 x 14 oil on linen

From day one until the week comes to a close, the counselors are committed to forming relationships with their campers that will be unique in their rapidity and personal in their proximity. As friendships take time, many of the tools that are used focus on creating an opportunity for enjoyment and a chance for campers and counselors to converse on a personal level. To be sure, not all canoe trips are of a serious nature as an occasional canoe tipping, or passage through the rapids bring fun and excitement to time on the river.

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