In His Time

"In His Time"
four 8x10 oil paintings on linen

The rose is given to loved ones in honor of special occasions and to communicate feelings otherwise inadequately expressed by words. The essence is fresh and like no other scent, although we try to duplicate it. The perfectly timed opening of a rose eludes our comprehension. We wait and watch, howbeit impatiently, for the green curtains to open and reveal the gentle soloist. The rose opens not a moment too soon and not a moment past ready. Truly the works of His hands are wonderful, and He makes all things beautiful in His time.
This rose, growing in our small garden, opened over a period of 2 weeks, and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing each moment. "In His Time" is a series of four paintings created as a single rose opens over time. They are four separately framed 8x10 paintings.


visioneerwindows said...

Why not also do all four roses in a single vase.....

Rebecca said...

A vase full of flowers would be beautiful, indeed, and I intend on painting more floral still lifes. Painting the same rose four times on the same canvas would be challenging for sure. Thank you for the comment, Visioneer.